Local coffee solutions distributor operating globally
About rainblade Canada
We are an innovative technology company, which creates IT powered self service coffee corners with gourmet coffee to go.
Worldwide operations
CIS countries
Our believes
What people deserve
We believe people deserve to drink best quality coffee in affordable and convenient way! On the go, while filling car tank, coming to the office, or while shopping in the mall.
Why innovations really matter
We believe that technological innovations are the only way for business to succeed in next 5 years. Innovations for us is the most important aspect right after people.
Being pro-active, not re-active
As a business, we need to be profitable in a long run. Our company's culture - is to be pro-active. That means we are constantly making efforts to create new business opportunities for our customers and to create win-win situations. Our self-service concept is a perfect example of win-win-win solution, where your customer win, you win and we win.
Our services
Coffee corners with premium coffee machines
Looking for perfect looking and reliable coffee corners, which reduce human factor and produce coffee fast? We design and build state of the art self service coffee corners, which serve gourmet coffee at a fair price.
Coffee beans
You are always in need of diversification from your competitors. We supply only premium coffee beans, which best suites super-automatic coffee machines.
Your branding
Our dear customers are using our self service coffee corners under their brands. Your brand becomes a "secret ingredient" of our coffee corners.
Online monitoring (IoT platform)
We represent the most comprehensive IoT platform for monitoring professional coffee machines BMS-Cloud.
It reduces downtime of coffee machines, reduces costs and help to increase sales.
So far more then 2500 coffee corners are connected to it.
Our coffee machines
From low-cost to state of the art. For every customer, for every niche.

Coffee Beans

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кофе зерно jde piaza doro
Coffee Beans for All Tastes
Choosing the right coffee beans is vital for running a c-store or cafe at a gas station. You will need special coffee beans every time you want to use an automatic coffee machine for business. We guarantee high-quality products and exceptional taste of every cup.
Private label
We cooperate with coffee producers in 3 continents to deliver best private label coffee beans under your brand. More than 10 brands currently in our portfolio.
We partner with 3PL providers and deliver your coffee beans on weekly or daily basis.
Online monitoring (IoT platform)
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мониторинговый центр русхолтс bms
We keep an eye on your every coffee machine 24/7
A team of professional engineers will keep control over your coffee machines round the clock. The system lets predict and avoid 50% of breakdowns. Half of all malfunctions can be fixed online.
We boost sales by 20% in 3 month
statistic show that sites start generating 20% more revenues after implementing our system.
We control the entire fleet of coffee machines
2,000+ coffee machines under our control. It guarantees superior coffee taste, successful busines, and stable workflow.
Our projects
We share some projects, which are not covered with NDA.
Our self service concept for "Vortex Coffee" company
Since 2017 we started production of self service coffee corners for coffee brand "Vortex Coffee", operating in European market.
In 2019 "Vortex Coffee" launched it's first coffee point in Canada.

Self service corner comes as an ultimate solution with a richer feature set if compared to typical coffee-corners. It boasts enhanced flexibility and can be installed at gas stations, malls, supermarkets, etc.
Our coffee solutions for RH office
RH company's headquarters has more than 300 employees. Our coffee solution, as long as weekly supplies and service makes people happy. Especially in the mornings ;-)
Our coffee solutions for large office of oil company
Perfect coffee taste and high reliability is what top management expect from innovative coffee corner.
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